Buying your home the way you want it has never been easier. Let us walk you through the steps to designing your new home. From making and confirming your selections to your final walk through and follow up, we're with you all the way.

step 1

Get Financed

Before you can start shopping for a new home - you need to know how much you can spend. Our preferred lender will help get your family pre-qualified for a home mortgage at the best possible interest rate. Once you're pre-qualified, you'll know what your budget is and can begin planning your purchase.

step 2


Choosing a homesite can be a daunting task for some - but we're here to help you along the entire construction process. We have access to some of the newest communities around town, and can help you find the perfect location to build your dream home.

step 3


Once you know where you're going to build your new home, you begin the process of personalizing it. You will be selecting floor covering, cabinets, countertops, sinks, appliances, interior doors, hardware, fireplaces, electrical options and more! We'll put you in touch with our long list of suppliers to ensure that every item built into your dream home is exactly what you want.

step 4


Once you have gotten financed, know where you're going to build, and know what you're going to build - the fun part begins! You get to watch our talented team pour your dream homes foundation, frame it, and build it right before your very eyes.

step 5

Move in

Once we finish building your home - it's move-in time! We'll help with the closing on your property to ensure that the process is smooth and hiccup free!